They get it!

“I prepped my house for listing in late May of 2017, and met with several local brokers.  I had a really unusual property, 1700 sf but only 1 bedroom and 1 bath, purpose-built as a live-in art studio.  There were no comps, nothing else like it in 100 miles. Most of the brokers were responsive and polite, but kind of walked around going ‘hmm…this is interesting’.  When I met Leanne and Mike they ‘got it’ right away – the cathedral ceilings, the privacy, the gardens, the beautiful light, the peacefulness.  I had multiple full price offers within days of showing, and when the first buyers dropped out after inspection, Blue Sky had the property listed again within hours and I had another offer in a week, which resulted in a no-hassle sale.  These two have vision and drive, created fabulous marketing materials (including an FAA licensed drone video!) and brought quality clients to my property. SOLD!”

Pamela Niskanen